Gogo Chess

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Gogo Chess

A chess game implemented in Java, with as goal to implement a computer chess game that can beat me. Admittedly, I am not a strong chess player at all. All chess education I received consists of reading one book explaining the rules of the game and perusing David Levy’s Computer Chess Compendium.

If you want to give Gogo Chess a chance, click here to download the jar file of Gogo Chess 1.0. Double clicking the downloaded file will start the game.

To see the current status of the game, check out this project at Github.

If the game does not start after double-clicking the jar file, then you might first have to download and install a Java Run-Time on your machine. Here is a link to download Java 8 from the website of Oracle, the owner of Java. Java can be downloaded from other websites too, but then possibly unwanted toolbars for your browser might be installed too.