Lees in Nederlands

On this page I present some music that I have written in the past years.

It all started when I was a 10-year old boy. After having played the blockflute for two years I started taking piano lessons. I took piano lessons for eight years. During these years, I liked to compose my own songs.

Later, in the early 1990’s, I was an MSX fanatic. One day I met Ruud van Gestel and Vincent van der Meer. All three of us liked creating music using a synthesizer or keyboard. Together we made several music editors for the MSX computer and we used these programs to create music ourselves.

Around 1994, Ruud and I started working on a serious MIDI sequencer for the MSX. We got quite far: our sequencer was able to play and record standard MIDI files. That was not bad for a 3.5 MHz machine! (Okay, I had to write my own multitasking operating system on the MSX, but it worked fine.) Unfortunately all digital copies of this program were lost, but Ruud recently informed me that he still had a printed copy of the source code…

After 1994, due to my computer science study, I didn’t spend time on my MSX anymore. In 1995 I even sold it. After a few years I bought a digital piano and used that to create music, using a MIDI sequencer on a PC.

Here are a few songs that I have composed myself. You may use these songs for your own purposes. If you intend to make it available to a bigger audience (e.g., on radio, TV or as part of a movie or game you make yourself), I would be happy if you just notify me about this and mention me as the composer.

The songs are licensed under [Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International (CC BY 3.0)](

The songs are available as mp3 files. If you would like to have the original MIDI files, then please send an e-mail. The songs are also available at Jamendo.