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Here is (part of) my contribution to the ‘public domain’. It is a mix of software and articles. Perhaps it contains something of your interest?


Here is a list of posts about programming:

Gogo Chess

Gogo Chess is a computer chess game that plays chess better than me.

Gogo Kanban Board

A Kanban board for personal use or for small teams. Click here to try it out yourself. It is free! Donations are appreciated, though.

Gogo logbook

Gogo logbook is a simple electronic log book for small companies.


Drawings I have made.

Gogo Account

Gogo account is a simple bookkeeping application intended for small (sports) clubs.

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku solver is an application to solve Sudoku puzzles.


Tour-Pool-Tool is a tool for keeping track of scores in a Tour-de-France pool.


A Tetris-clone for the MSX computer. You can play alone, but if you create a loop of MSX computers, using Philips Music Modules and MIDI cables, you can play with 2 to 16 players!

I have written this program during a one-week school holiday in 1993. Later I spent some extra time together with Ruud van Gestel to improve the game and the music.

Click here to download the disk image which you can copy to a floppy, Triplex I thought I lost all working copies of this game, but recently I discovered I still had some floppies containing the game! or run it directly in an MSX emulator, such as openMSX. Picturs of Triplex courtesy to Sjoerd Lammertsma.


Since my piano lessons in the early 1990′s, I have tried to compose my own music. I actually made the effort to make some of my songs available as mp3 files. Click here to check out my songs.

Solving the Incompatibility Problem

Click here for a dissertation that shows that it is better to standardize file formats instead of applications.

Pruning of the Search Tree

Click here for a report describing the contents of the presentation given by Prof. Dr. E.W. Dijkstra in honour of the eighteenth Dies Natalis of Gewis, on July 2000. Gewis is the Eindhoven Univeristy community of mathematics and computer science students. I wrote this report to conclude the course ‘Technical Writing and Editing English’.

A Streaming Application for EPOC

I do not have the right to publish this report on the web. And I wrote it together with my former colleague Alexandr Novikov. Therefore, I will only mention its ISBN information:

S.R. Kooijmans / A. Novikov
A Streaming Application for EPOC / Kooijmans, S.R. / Novikov A.;
Eindhoven: Stan Ackermans Institute. - Ill.
Final report of the postgraduate program: Software Technology
With reference
ISBN 90-444-0124-6
Keywords: EPOC / streaming /